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Why RAW Personnel?


RAW Personnel specialise in permanent, temporary and contract labour hire and have a proven inclusive and responsive mentoring methodology that has resulted in a successful national award-winning labour hire and trade training service.

We offer workplaces that unite diverse minds; where respect, equal treatment and equal opportunity are just the norm. We strive for our workforce to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work; and for everyone to feel they belong.

We remain committed to supporting under-represented groups and providing a wide-range of inclusion initiatives, so that everyone is supported to thrive.



Our specialist team work with your business every step of the way, to ensure we get the right person, not only to match your skill set requirements, but to also fit within your team culture. Once a RAW Personnel employee commences with your business, you can take advantage of our dedicated 24/7 mentors who will maintain regular contact with the employee and their supervisor to ensure all parties are supported.


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