Fulton Hogan – NBN




Fulton Hogan is rolling-out multiple packages of FSAM (Fibre Servicing Area Modules) for the National Broadband Network (NBN) across Adelaide. Works involve trenching and boring along suburban streets to allow for hauling or laying of high-speed fibre optic cable and associated works for either an aerial or underground lead-in cable to connect residents to the NBN.

AS at December 2017 works involved approximately 163km of trenching including 20km of directional drilling, installation of 4,827 pits and laying of 776km of fibre cable, 521km of copper cable, 59km of coaxial cable and 1,040 cabinets. Works are largely self-performed by Fulton Hogan’s personnel (up to 70% internal delivery), resulting in high-standards of quality (100% sampling of all work instead of the recommended 80%), lower cost (reduced margin-on-margin), and greater safety control (alignment of systems, plans and personnel to NBN systems).

In the past four years Fulton Hogan has connected over 300,000 homes with various technology in South Australia alone.